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What does sexism mean to you?

posted Mar 16, 2017, 4:05 AM by Admin of burytrust   [ updated Mar 16, 2017, 8:12 AM by Holly Webb ]

Sexism is a serious issue that happens in everyday scenarios around the world. And yet it still goes unnoticed and unreported. We will be looking at everyday sexism and sexism in the workplace, whether it's: catcalls, double standards or stereotypes. Statistics show that 81% of girls aged 11 to 21 have experienced some form of sexism in the past week.   

Looking further into sexism we have discovered the dress code for women in the workplace.  For example, Nicola Thorp arrived at her new reception job wearing flat black shoes, however she was laughed at because she questioned her boss as to why she should have to wear high heels for her job. Working 9 hour shifts these high heels would be painful and would not be suitable for her work days, so she refused and was then dismissed. Women should not be sent home for not wearing heels.This issue has produced a debate and the issue of sexism in the workplace is still going on now .Statistics show that 25% of women report discrimination at work and 17%of women said they have felt sexually harassed by an employee or manager. 

Going on to another issue related to sexism the gender pay gap has been a big issue in that women and men working the same job are payed different amounts. Statistics show that the gender pay gap has halved to 5% but has gone up 0.5% since the summer of 2016. Also women are likely to earn £300 000 less than men over their working lives. Men and women should without a doubt should be paid the same amount for the work they do. Both men and women work equally as hard at the work they do , Why should women be paid less? 

Sexism is also present in schools. Statistics show that on average girls are expected to do better on their GCSE grades. In 2016 71.3% of girls got at least a c grade, however boys had an average of 62.7 %.

In recent news there has been an uproar towards, Emma Watson, refusing to wear a corset as her new role as Belle in Beauty and Beast.Emma was chosen for the role as Belle because of their vast amount of similarities. Emma Watson felt that she should show an accurate representation of women which means not wearing a corset. She felt as though if she was to wear a corset she would be giving young girls a false representation of how they should look in the future. 

International Women's day is on the 8th of march, which celebrates women's achievements throughout history across nations. It commemorates women's rights and international peace. Even though progress has been made for women and men equality, women still don't have all the same rights as men. For example, on average, women receive 30-40% less pay than men in the same job. This is called the gender pay gap, and it is estimated that it will take 50 years before it is completely closed. 


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Mar 16, 2017, 8:21 AM